Blog 8 Workplace Safety Say When

As an electrical contractor, you take great pride in your work and often feel there isn't a job you can't tackle. However, it's important to recognize your limits and adhere to the training you've received.

Let's face it; some jobs require specific knowledge and experience. That's why it's crucial to pause and reassess a situation if there's any doubt about the task at hand or the procedure's requirements.

The paramount concern on the job is ensuring everyone can return home safely after a fair day's work. To achieve this, it's essential to ask yourself:

  1. Have I received proper training to safely complete this job task?
  2. Have I previously performed this task, and do I possess the necessary training and experience?
  3. Do I have the appropriate tools for this job?
  4. Is the hierarchy of risk controls being followed to ensure preventive and protective measures are in place?
  5. Has a thorough risk assessment been conducted?
  6. Are all conductors and circuit parts in an electrically safe working condition?
  7. Are these parts adequately guarded to minimize the risk of electrical contact or arcing faults?
  8. Have all relevant procedures and job planning steps been completed?
  9. Am I confident in completing this job without endangering myself or others?

Electricians must be aware of the limits of their qualifications. It's acceptable to speak up and delegate a job task to a more qualified worker if you're uncertain about having the necessary expertise to complete it safely.

Knowing when to step back can save lives, both yours and those of your colleagues.

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