Fire and Safety System Services

Fire System Technician Services

We have factory-certified technicians available for several premier fire alarm lines, including:

  • FCI – Fire Control Instruments
  • Gamewell - FCI
  • Fire-Lite Alarms
  • Silent Knight
  • Potter
  • Protectowire Fire Systems

These technicians are available in our direct trading areas, Massachusetts (MA), Rhode Island (RI) and Connecticut (CT), to contractors to perform system commissioning, testing, programming and troubleshooting.

Fire and Safety Systems Design & Product Applications

Crown Supply has specialists and decades of experience in Fire Systems, Mass Notification Systems (MNS) (in building and wide area) and Bi-Directional Amplification (BDA) systems that can assist you with your design and product application needs. Contact your Crown Supply representative with you project details and we can help.

Crown Supply utilizes a ‘parts & smarts’ model to serve contractors when it comes to their fire and safety system or product needs. Beside simple product delivery you can utilize Crown Supply for any of the following services on your next project:

  • Full CAD service – This service can include site visit and creation of property / site drawings when they are not available.
  • Product Application Consulting Service - Crown Supply system professionals can perform on site or consultations when there is a question about which product may be correct for an application, providing alternatives or confirmations. From Standard Fire Systems to Voice Equipped, Mass Notification Systems (MNS), Bi-Directional Amplification (BDA) systems or complex integrated safety systems we are here to help.
  • System Design – Fire , MNS or BDA systems design is performed by NICET certified professionals with Degreed Electrical Engineers on staff as well.
  • System Programming - System programming by knowledgeable certified technical professionals.
  • System Testing / Commissioning - Crown Supply can provide simple testing, confirming the system works and has been installed according to manufacturer specifications, to complex complete system testing including intelligibility testing and confirming manufacturer and engineer specifications have been met.
  • BDA Site Testing - We have the equipment and FCC licensed professionals certified to test a building confirming it will require or not require a Bi-Directional Amplification System.
  • Intelligibility Testing - We have the equipment and trained technicians available to test voice system intelligibility, this test is normally required by the government or engineers on mass notification systems (MNS) or fire alarm systems with voice notification. Our equipment can verify you have met the require standards Intelligibility Testing of Voice Systems
  • Sound Level Monitoring / Testing – we have technicians and equipment available to monitor the ambient sound in an area over a period of time to establish a baseline then measure the affect of notification devices to establish if they meet code guidelines

Contact Crown Supply with your Fire as Safety System questions or needs to see how we can help.

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