Technical Bulletins and Advisories

Technical Notice for Fire-Lite Dealers and Distributors
Fire-Lite MS-5012 Limited Product Replacement Procedures
Fire-Lite MS-9050UD AUX Power & D350RPL
Fire-Lite MS-5UD & MS-10UD Communicators Disconnecting Shared TELCO Lines
Fire-Lite MS-5UD, MS-10UD & MRP Panel Replacement Procedures
Fire-Lite Digital Communicator
Firex Stops Production of CO & CO/Smoke Models
Kidde & Firex Detectors That Can Interconnect Per UL
Kidde & Firex Detectors Can Interconnect UPDATE
FireLite MS-9050UD/Low Frequency Horn Advisory
FireLite MS-25 Discontinuation and Replacement
Milwaukee Tools in need of repair
Milwaukee Tools Electronic Rebate Instructions.
Changes to Fire-Lite & Silent Knight Detector Base Model Numbers
Honeywell IPGSM-4G has been discontinued - May 2019
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