Located in historic Providence, Rhode Island and founded in 1764, Brown University is the seventh-oldest college in the United States. Set on 143 sprawling acres with more than 40 House buildings, Brown is the academic home to 6,000 undergraduate students, 2,000 graduate students, 400 medical school students, more than 5,000 summer students, and close to 700 faculty members.

So the challenge Crown Supply Company has faced, and overcome in the past decade is servicing contractors working in this very large and very historic institution without disrupting the flow of business, in both a timely and fiscally-responsible manner. Helping contractors from submittal to completion on fire alarm and mass notification project on campus.

Having worked on more than 30 buildings on the Brown campus, Crown Supply worked closely with the construction design team and engineers, the general, electrical, sprinkler and HVAC contractors, recommending how to best apply products to provide the required systems. The Crown Supply team also works closely with the Brown Facilities team directly on programming and application issues.

The Crown Supply team has successfully worked with dozens of installing contractors on campus projects that include: System Upgrades, Panel Retrofits, Voice Evacuation Systems, Stand Alone CO detection integration, Vesda Systems, Computer Rooms & Suppression System Integration, Atrium Smoke Control Systems, Conventional FACP Phased Upgrades and more ....

If your company is, or will be working on FIRE ALARM or Mass Notification Systems on the Brown Campus, Contact THE TEAM CAMPUS WITH THE EXPERIENCE, Crown Supply. We can be part of your team. Supporting the Electrical Contractor from Full Approval Submittal Package through Final Testing and Approvals we will be there with you.

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