Church of Saint Augustine - Case Study

The Church of Saint Augustine is a large Catholic parish in Providence, RI. The main church building and rectory were constructed in 1961.


The church was engaged in a substantial renovation project, including a new hall and meeting room. One component of this expansion was upgrading the fire alarm system that had been installed in the early 1960s. The new fire alarm system included the main church building, a grand, ornate marble and stone structure, the Rectory, living quarters for the priests and work place for the church staff. Maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the church facilities was a major priority, particularly minimizing exposed raceways in the church and the rectory areas, as well as avoiding disruption to the operation of the facilities.


Working with the installing contractor, the Crown Supply Fire Alarm team determined how best to approach the project to successfully address the concerns of the owners and designers, while meeting the code requirements and the deisgners' approved plans. In doing so, several types of systems were considered and evaluated in an effort to meet the expressed objectives.


During the assessment phase, it became clear that the site was an appropriate candidate for a wireless system, since it could minimize the amount of core drilling required in the church and limit the number of exposed conduits in all areas. A Gamewell municipal box could be utilized and operated as required by the local code. A wireless site survey was performed, which indicated that two wireless repeaters along with the main fire alarm control panel would be necessary to properly cover the required 89 wireless devices. Liner heat detection was utilized in the attic spaces connected to wireless system transmitters. NAC Power supplies were placed next to each of the remotely located wireless repeaters, centralizing and shortening the notification appliance circuit runs in the Rectory and church structures.


The Crown Supply Fire Alarm System team, working closely with the installing contractor, completed the project on time and without interrupting the ongoing functions of the facilities. The installation required very little exposed conduits or fished wiring. In some instances, devices were installed in just a few minutes. By eliminating the need to run conduit, identify or create acceptable wire chases, the aesthetics of both buildings were maintained. The result was the installation of a fully compliant, municipally connected fire alarm system with no interruption or disruption to the use of the facility.

Crown Supply Provided

  • Site Survey
  • Product Application Design
  • Fire System Programming
  • Fire System Testing
  • Documentation

Products Installed

  • Wireless Fire Alarm System
  • Linear Heat Detection
  • Notification Appliances
  • Power Supplies

Building Size

  • Church 24,000 sq/ft Rectory 10,000 sq/ft

Manufacturers Represented

  • CSWI (Commercial Wireless Systems International)
  • Cooper Notification
  • The Protectowire Company
  • Honeywell Power Products
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