Penske Group

Representing 13 premium motor vehicle brands including Bentley, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and others in a state-of-the-art Auto Mall complex, Inskip Auto Center is a member of the area's Penske Automotive Group. The facilities, which house the sales and service operations for all the brands, are some of the region's newest and most up-to-date.


The Penske Group purchased some existing automotive sales and service facilities and operations, along with adjacent property and buildings. In an effort to expand, while constructing new facilities, an existing structure was to be renovated to house multiple dealerships. Space utilization and speed of competition were given the highest priority.


Working closely with the construction-engineering firm's electrical design team andthe electrical contractor, the Crown Supply team was charged with determining how best to provide the required systems and equipment. Given the allowed size and layout of the electrical room, suggestions for improved space utilization would be considered. Working with the installing contractor, the Crown Supply team decided on a project approach that successfully addressed the owner's and designer's needs and requirements, along with the code requirements for clearances. Reviewing the designers approved plans, several approaches to equipment placement were considered, including hanging the transformers, relocating or redesigning the panel and switch boards, all in an effort to achieve these objectives.


Crown Supply's design team identified a newer system that allowed for the integration of many commonly separate distribution components into a single constructed unit. The system would also increase available clearances, which would better utilize the allowed space. This approach would save the electrical contractor time installing the system and help meet the demands of the aggressive schedule. It would also provide the owner with additional space for other equipment or future expansion.v


The Crown Supply team, working closely with the installing contractors, completed the project on time providing a single integrated system that met and exceeded the customer's needs. The project's goals were met by eliminating multiple stand-alone products and providing a pre-wired electrical distribution system that utilized a single wall (leaving only inches to spare at either side). The installing contractor estimated that this solution saved more than 120 man hours. The result was an on-time and time-saving installation of a fully integrated electrical system with a clean, finished look that pleased the owners./p>

Crown Supply Provided

  • Electrical Distribution Equipment
  • Application Consulting
  • Equipment Application Design

Compilation Date: December 2007

Products Installed

  • Electrical Transformers
  • 120/208 Panel Boards
  • 480/277 Panel Boards
  • 480/277 Switch Board
  • Electrical System Sub Meter
  • Surge Suppression
  • Ull Electrical System
  • Integrated Facility System

Building Size

  • 200,000 + sq/ft over multiple buildings

Manufacturers Represented

  • Eaton Electrical

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